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To Govern E-Learning System: A Proposal to Deal With Regulation Compliance, Institution Objective, And User Need

Many studies and experiences shows the e-learning system provides various advantages and huge benefits to who can operate this system properly. But to get the optimum advantage and benefits, there are a lot of obstacles have to be overcome. Inherent in the system, e-learning also bring many risks come from its environment or embedded in the system. Although many studies have proposed the method or approach to tackle those obstacles and risks, but it's still limited study in handling those problems from IT Governance view. The study proposes the frameworks to govern e-learning system. By the IT Governance view, the implementation of an e - learning system is assured to be aligned with institutions goal and strategy, use and manage resources efficiently, provide expected value to the organization, manage its risk, and its performance can be measured. This study is conducted in one of private university in Indonesia as the case study. Keywords- E-learning; IT-Governance; Regulation Compliance; Strategic Alignment; COBIT 5;