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Developing of A Separation and Enrichment Method With Solid Phase Extraction for Trace Amount of Cr (Iii) and Cr (Vi) Species

A speciation procedure for chromium(III), chromium(VI) and total chromium is presented in this work. After reduction of Cr(VI), the developed solid phase extraction system was applied to determine the total chromium using atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS). The preconcentration method is based on the retained Cr(III) on a column filled with Amberlite CG-120 resin. Some experimental parameters in the preconcentration step were optimized to obtain quantitive recoveries for Cr determination. These parameters were the pH, concentration and type of eluent, flow rate of eluent and sample, sample volume, and amount of sorbent. The accuracy of method was confirmed by the analysis of anEnvironmental Matrix Reference Material (TMDA-70.2, Lake Ontario Water).