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Administrative Challenges For Virtual Universities

The tremendous development in ICT during the last three decades provided a good opportunity for improving the world of education. E-learning methods are spreading throughout the curricula not just at universities but across the whole spectrum of education from kindergarten upwards. One of these major developments in this area of education is the appearance of virtual universities which students can access from anywhere at any time. Students do not need to travel to the university because the university will come to them where they are. The number of virtual universities was estimated by the UNESCO in 2010 to be over 115 universities. Virtual universities have so many advantages for students, instructors, and the institutions. Regardless of the advantages of virtual universities, there are some challenges that face these universities need to be addressed. These challenges, if not taken care of, will lead to the failure of the idea and produce a very bad outcome. Index Terms - administrative challenges, virtual university, e-learning,