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Salinity Effects on Carbon Isotope Discrimination of Leaf and Stomatal Conductance of Corn

The aim of this study was determine irrigation water salinity effects on carbon isotope discrimination () of sweet corn leaf and its relations with dry matter and leaf stomatal conductance (gs). This study was carried out in a greenhouse in the pot experiments in a completely as randomized plot design with 3 replications. Five irrigation water salinity level were used (0, 1.5, 3, 5 and 10 dS m-1). The fully expanded leaves were collected for carbon isotope analysis. Carbon isotope ratio of leaves and dry matter contents were strongly affected by increasing irrigation water salinity. According to the results of the research; leaf carbon isotope ratio (ΔL; 13C ‰) has increased in parallel with the increase of the irrigation water salinity. The concentration of salinity significantly reduced stomatal conductance at 10 dS m-1 level by 31 % in comparison to no saline water applied treatment. A negative and significant relationship was found between stomatal conductance and leaf carbon isotope ratio. Keywords - stable isotope, irrigation water salinity, sweet corn