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Fabulations From Joyce: Strolling Around The Dream Lands of Ulysses

The aim of this paper is to elucidate the concept of dream in James Joyce's Ulysses in the aspect of Fabulation and Psychoanalytical Literary Theory. Dream has been one of the most discussed topics in literature as well as in other fields. While Sigmund Freud considered the dreams as the reflection of unconscious desires, revelation of unrealized wishes and liberation of external pressure, Jung regarded dreams as the expression of imagination. Freud and Jung's theories have been improved and altered in the processing years by many theoreticians and critics but nearly all figures reached the consensus about such subjects: dreams are the expression of unrealized perceptions of the outer world or personal fears and wishes, dreams establish a correspondence between conscious and unconscious world, and they diminish the suppression of centripetal forces as well as imposed social rules and dreams articulate one's creativity. James Joyce as one of the most popular figures of the modern English literature in his highly popular work Ulysses made use of these functions of dreams in an efficient way. In Ulysses dreams not only reveal the ontological problems of characters but also they provide Joyce a chance to criticize all literary genres and works which had been written until Ulysses. Joyce creates a new reality in his book imitating and deconstructing different literary genres, religious texts, scientific facts and political discourses. By doing this Joyce, intends to show a reaction against all monologic and oppressing powers of the centripetal forces as well as interior and exterior censorships. In order to achieve his aim Joyce makes use of fabulation as a literary tool. Fabulation which defends the idea that fiction is reality, and reality is fiction merging with Joyce's unique writing style transforms book's itself to a dream. Thus in this paper not only real dreams but also book's itself as a dream text will be analyzed in the light of theories of fabulation and psychoanalysis. Key Words: James Joyce, Ulysses, Fabulation, Psychoanalytical Literary Theoryb Gamze Yalçın is a PH.d student in the Department of Western Languages and Literatures at Pamukkale University. She graduated from Pamukkale University with the graduation thesis entitled “ The Clash Between Ideal Women Concept and New Women Concept in Dracula” and she graduated from the same department with the Master Thesis entitled "Grotesque Selfness of Traumatic Otherness in Martin Amis' Novels Other People, Time's Arrow and Money". She works as a research assistant in the same department.