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Exploring Ambivalent Nature of Anger In Poetry

Being one of the emotions that can be harshly judged, anger is controversial to define good or bad, heavenly or satanic. Certainly its definition will change related to how it is used, to whom it is directed and how it is manifested. There is a fine line between excessive emotions anger is accompanied with; love and anger and also anger and hatred. Using the power of poetry, poets criticize societal actions, values and attitudes. In the hopes of correcting the flaws and corruption in society, poets reveal their anger for the false practices of society. As well as functioning as a tool for social criticism, in many poems, anger is depicted as a poison that ruins people with it tools like violence, oppression, rage, furry, revenge. As a strong medium of self-expression, poem is the creation of the poets who use language as a material to generate their works of art and to generate their personal life view so handling the theme of anger some focus on its disguises in powerful destructive aims; on the other hand, others believe that it can serve as a peace maker or conciliator. Focusing on the theme of anger, this paper presents certain poems in different periods related to how poets display their angry voice in their works. Key Words: Anger, Love, Hatred, Social Criticism, Peace Maker.