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E-Learning Platform for Medical Informatics to Improve Vocational and Ict Practice

The healthcare industry is growing steadily; health informatics is an important part of the everyday environment of healthcare workers. Therefore, it is necessary to train healthcare professionals on health informatics. Health informatics knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals are insufficient and the main aim of this project is designing an e-learning environment to develop ICT knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals trained at different levels. The project is accepted under the Erasmus+ Programme and three of the participating countries are Turkey, Germany and Spain. We prepared a Moodle based e-learning website and some education modules – namely, introduction to Informatics education, patient information management system and service, medical measuring devices, medical imaging devices and decision support systems. Before the development of the modules, a need analysis survey was performed with 3157 participants from the three countries. Healthcare is an important factor of a person’s quality of life. Our aim is to support healthcare service with more educated healthcare professionals. Use of informatics technologies is becoming standard for good healthcare service and we need more educated professionals. We believe that e-learning is an efficient, effective and practical way for informatics education of health professionals. Index Terms - e-learning, medical informatics, new educational methods.