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The Evaluation of The Performances of The Extension Institutions for Achieving Food Security from The Point of View of Farmers

For improve agricultural production in terms of quantity and quality with a view to achieving food security, there are several measures being taken to provide food for the population by countries, e.g. Poland. Most of these measures are undertaken by institutions concerned with agricultural extension and advisory services. they are indispensable and they offer more than just expert assistance in the improvement of production and processing, and they also facilitate the flow of information and the transfer of knowledge and scientific findings the farmers. Therefore, the aim of this study was to show the views of the farmers on the performances of the extension institutions for achieving food security in Poland, which will contribute to building successful programs and activities provided to farmers for achieve food security. The most important results were that the institutional support for the development of the region was rather great. There are also a variety of activities and extension programmes offered by advisory institutions to farmers in the provinces of Southeast Poland. Administrative bureaucracy was the most important of restrictions on activities of the advisory services offered by advisory institutions to farmers in the provinces of Southeast Poland. There are several benefits come from contact with advisory institution, including environmental benefits, the benefits from knowledge and health, and economic benefits. Index Terms - food security, agricultural advisory services, agriculture in Poland, improve agricultural production.