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A Proposed E-Learning Environment Based on Kemp ID Model for Teaching Introduction to Educational Course at the Basic Educational College in Kuwait

Instructional design is the process by which instruction is improved through the analysis of learning needs and systematic development to learning experiences. Instructional designers use communication and information technology and multimedia as tools to enhance their instruction outcomes. The Kemp Design Model is known among instructional design models used for the design and development of instructional experiences. The model combines a number different disciplines and approaches to instructional design. Some instructional technologies like Morrison believed that there is "never one perfect approach to solving an instructional design problem". Thus, Kemp Model incorporates both behavioral and cognitive approaches of learning. The main goal of the current paper is to explore Kemp ID model, show with examples how the model can be used for developing a proposed e-learning environment for teaching an educational technology course at the Basic Educational College in Kuwait State. Keywords - Instructional design, Kemp ID model, e-learning environment, instructional technology & College of Basic Education.