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Effect Of Sliane Coupling Agent On The Physical Properties Of PP/Kenaf Fiber (KF) Nonwoven Composites

In order to improve the compatibility between polypropylene(PP)/kenaf fiber(KF), silane coupling agents were applied to the PP/KF nonwoven composites. (3-Glycidyloxypropyl)trimethoxysilane(GPS), (3-Aminopropyl)tri- ethoxysilane(APS) and (3-Mercaptopropyl)trimethoxysilane(MPS) was used in this research. The silane coupling agent in distilled water/ethanol solution was mixed with PP/KF nonwoven at 1 -wt% concentration. And then silane treated PP/KF nonwoven composites were prepared by hot press of 180 ℃. Tensile, flexural and impact properties were measured to analyze the effect of silane coupling agent treatment on mechanical properties. The mechanical properties were improved in case of silane treated PP/KF nonwoven composites. It may be because silane groups enhanced the interfacial adhesion between PP and KF. The interfacial adhesion properties of the PP/KF nonwoven composites were identified by SEM images of the fractured surface. Index Terms— Polypropylene, Kenaf fiber, Silane coupling agent, nonwoven composites