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Species Diversity And Phylogenetic Relationship Of Seagrass From Intertidal Zone Of Ekas, Lombok

Lombok Island is one of the areas which are rich in seagrass. Most of research in seagrass were focusing on their ecology, whereas the study of morphological and molecular in taxonomy context is still limited. The purpose of this research is to observe diversity and phylogenetic relationship of seagrass in intertidal zone of Ekas. In this research, samplesware collected byexplorating in intertidal zones of Ekaswaters, Lombok, West NusaTenggara. The data was analyzed to observe species diversity of seagrass andtheir phylogenetic relationship using rbcL gene sequence. Phylogenetic analysiswas carried rut using Neighbor-Joining method by MEGA 6 with 1000 bootstrap. Diversity seagrassin Ekasconsisted 7 species:Enhalusacoroides, Halophilaspinulosa, Halophilaovalis, Cymodoceaserrulata, Cymodocearotundata, SyringodiumisoetifoliumandHalodulepinifolia. Phylogenetic analysis showed that 2 clades were formed at by more than 91% of bootstrap. Clade I consisted of Enhalusacoroides, andHalophilaovalis, while Clade II consist of Cymodoceaserrulata, Cymodocearotundata, SyringodiumisoetifoliumandHalodulepinifolia. In conclusion, rbcL gene can be a marker to differentiate cluster seagrassbased ontheir family and genus. Keywords: Diversity, Phylogenetic Relationship, Seagrass, Rbcl