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Zero Bugget Natural Reforming With The Help Of Cow Dung And Cow Urine

Biological control involves the use of beneficial organisms their genes and product such as metabolites that reduces the negative effects of the plants pathogens and promote positive responses by the plant the needed for popularizing “Jeevamrutha” a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, jaggery, pulse flour, soil, lime and water prepared without any expenditure. The chemical forming which involves spraying of pesticides and use of fertilizers is not only financially burdening the farmers but also reducing fertility of the soil, running the health of the people and wasting water. Natural farming which involves Zero-Bugget agriculture practices, is a better option than even organic farming production from a natural Trichoderma culture using solid state fermentation as well as in biofertilizer use in cotton, groundnuts, maize, caster chillies all are uses in Natural Trichoderma biofertilizers. Several farmers who have taken up natural farming are doing well in contrast to those depending on fertilizers. Keywords- Cow dung, Cow urine, Jaggery, Pulse Flour, Lime, Soil, Water etc.