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Investigation Of Relationship Between Vark's Learning Styles And Meta-Cognitive Learning Among Students Of Zahedan University Of Medical Sciences 2015

Introduction: Recognizing and understanding the different learning styles was a huge step forward in 20th century psychology. Learning styles are different in every individual. Choosing proper learning style could lead to proper learning. Learning meta-cognitive skills is important for ones success in education and carrier. Awareness about factors related to meta-cognitive strategies could lead to using modern education for having better learning. According to the importance of learning styles and their relationship with meta-cognitive learning we aimed to investigate the relationship between Vark's learning styles and meta-cognitive learning among students of Zahedan University of Medical Sciences. Material and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study. The sample volume was 363 students chosen randomly from different medical and paramedic schools. Data was collected through a questionnaire which had three parts. The first part included the demographic information. Second part was Vark's learning style questionnaire. The third part was the meta-cognitive questionnaire designed by Pintrich et al. Finally data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, qui square test, Pearson correlation, t test and ANOVA by SPSS v.19. Results: The mean age was 21.26±2.53. 166 students were male while 197 were females. There wasn’t any significant relationship between gender, learning style and meta-cognitive strategies. There wasn’t any significant relationship between age and these two variables too. The ANOVA had shown a significant relationship between learning styles and strategies of Meta-cognitive learning. According to the relationship between learning styles and meta-cognitive learning strategies this study suggests the authorities to recognize the learning styles among students before teaching them and coordinate the teaching style with student's learning styles. Despite that some studies had shown that meta-cognitive awareness would increase with teaching. Conclusion: The results of this study had shown the significant relationship between learning styles and meta-cognitive strategies. Keywords - Learning style, meta-cognitive strategies, students