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Effects On Transmembrane Pleasure (Tmp) Of Electric Field During Treatment With Smebr Of High Leachate

The leachate is a complex wastewater. The treatment is very difficult.For this reason, new technologies are being investigated day by day for the treatment of leachate.Recently, a new technology, the SMEBR system, was the first treatment for the treatment of high leachate. In the study, the SMBR system and the SMEBR system were run at the same time comparatively.Aluminum electrode was used as anode and cathode. Under the current density of 24A/m2at 15 min exposure time, the SMEBR system and the SMBR system were operated for about 40 days.The influence of electric current on TMP during the operation period has been evaluated.According to the results obtained, the TMP value of the SMEBR system was found to be lower than the MBR. Accordingly, it has been shown that membrane fouling was less in the SMEBR system. Keywords - SMBER, TMP,SMBR, fouling