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Study On Coastal Morphodynamics In The Vicinity Of Coastal Breakwater Of Kuala Besut During Pre And Post Monsoon

A study on surface sediment distribution and seafloor morphology with the effect of monsoon phenomena was conducted near the breakwater of Kuala Besut, Terengganu. In this study, a standard bathymetry application was used and sediment was collected along the coastal area. The seafloor morphologies during pre and post monsoon had shown relative changes due to the Northeast monsoon while sediment movement provide significant data in term of mean size, sorting, skewness and kurtosis. The grain size analysis shows finer sediment dominated at both areas (nearshore and estuary) during the pre-monsoon period with the mean size values ranged of 2.00 – 7.00 φ (nearshore) and 0.30 – 7.01 φ (estuary). Lower mean size values obtained during post-monsoon period ranged 0.28 – 5.20 φ (nearshore) and 0.21 – 6.86 φ (estuary) indicate that coarser sediment obtained at the study area. Bathymetry shows distinct changes in depth; 0.64 – 7.62 m (pre-monsoon) and 0.73 – 7.05 m (post-monsoon) respectively.The irregular sedimentation pattern observed based on the bathymetry data. The data evident that during the pre-monsoon survey, the left-side experienced noticeable erosion while the right-side had the opposite effect. However, survey conducted during post-monsoon revealed that both sides were eroded at the upper-part (landward) while process of accumulation occurred further down (seaward).