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Stabilization Of Dredged Material Of Izmir Bay Soils Using Cement And Lime Mixtures

— In this study, soil samples, taken from Izmir Bay, treated with different chemical additives and with different proportions in order to obtain strength values for the possible usage of the dredge material as a raw material for road construction purposes. Sieve analysis, hydrometer tests and Atterberg limits determination were performed for the classification of the dredge material. Specific gravity tests and organic content determination were also performed. pH value and atterberg limits change of several soil binder mixtures was determined in order to judge the optimum binder ratio. Standard Proctor tests were performed to understand the compressibility behavior of dredge materials and finally, unconfined compression tests are performed for the verification of the determination of the optimum binder content and stabilization process. Salty sea water used in curing method in order to supply tougher conditions. And also different cure times applied in order to investigate short and long term gains of soil in terms of stabilization Index Terms— Stabilization, organic soil, dredged material, cement-soil mixtures, lime-soil mixtures.