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A Complete And Secure E-Health Delivery Service System For India Using Aadhaar Based Authentication

This paper proposes a complete novel system for E-Health in India. The system uses Aadhaar based authentication. So far the health service system in India is not centralized. Due to confidentiality reasons records of patients are stored in respective hospitals (or centers). If the patient moves to another hospital, he has to carry the entire record with him. Or if a random victim is found on a road accident, there is no method to get his medical records instantly. The proposed system stores all the Patients medical records in a centralized server. Current proposed system specifies one server per state, to distribute the load across various servers. The centralized server is granted access to all medical service centers throughout the country. Hence if the patient moves out of his locality, even to another state, his records will be available from the server of his origin state. Aadhaar based authentication is used in this system. If a patient needs service in a center, his finger print scanned by the center and send to the UIDAI database, that returns the corresponding Aadhaar number, photo and other personal details of the patient. Thus the center can confirm the identity of the patient just by the finger print and grant (or deny) access to medical facilities, which is more secure than relying on the patents statements. The system also provides rights to the centers to update the patient’s records in the centralized database from new diseases or changes of medications. Major advantage of the proposed system is in emergencies such as road accident. Just scan the finger of the accident victim, his medical history and records will be available instantly for further medical help. Another major advantage of the proposed system is, the finger prints of most Indian residents are already stored in the UIDAI database, hence only the medical records database from different locations have to be integrated. Keywords- E-Health, UIDAI - India, Aadhaar, Medical Records, Health Services