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Interpersonal Metadiscourse Markers In A Written Register Used By Turkish Writers

The aim of the present study is to explore to what extent Turkish writers use interpersonal metadiscourse markers in a written register and to examine the way Turkish writers use interpersonal metadiscourse, namely in MA dissertations from one major academic field; English language teaching (ELT). The rationale of the study is based on a corpus based approach by examining a total of 20 dissertations written by Turkish writers writing in a second language. Such kinds of expressions were searched through the dissertations and analysis was made by examining three sections of dissertations -methodology, results, and discussion. After having an in-depth analysis based on the use of interpersonal metadiscourse markers, it was revealed that to some degree, �hedges�, �empathics (boosters)� and �attitude markers� are all used by Turkish writers; however, �attitude markers� are found to be preferred most frequently. On the other hand, with respect to the use of personal markers, differences were found among the writers. The analysis of dissertation sections revealed common results. Keywords- Metadiscourse; interpersonal metadiscourse; second language writing; rhetoric