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Development Of A Vision System For A M-1ia Robot

Automated robotic solutions in manufacturing provides greater flexibility, which allows faster response to changes of the market and industry demands. In addition, robotic systems have many benefits when replacing manually operated systems, such as consistent quality, higher productivity and better availability. In order to be fully flexible, robotic cells needs to be equipped with sensory feedback. In this research, a vision based sensory system is developed for a Fanuc M-1iA parallel kinematics robot. The aim was to produce a low-cost solution, which can allow easy integration of commercially available hardware and software. The developed system employs a web camera for image capturing, Visual Studio for image processing and special interface software for communication with the robot. The robotic system tasks includes picking and sorting of randomly placed objects of different size and shape. The object position and orientation data are processed and passed over to the robot, which then executes the required tasks. The vision system was calibrated and then successfully implemented on the robotic platform demonstrating the viability of the proposed solution. The main advantages of the developed system are its low-cost and the ease of implementation on conventional computer-based systems. Index Terms- Robots, Vision System, Automation.