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Mutation With Gamma Raysirradiation To Assemble Green Super Rice Tolerant To Drought Stress Andhigh Yield Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

The climate change and the use of chemical inputs that have threatened the environment and food security could be overcome with assembling a new green super rice by mutation with gamma rays irradiation. This study was carried out to produce a Super Green Rice mutant with high yielding variety that are drought tolerant and fertilizer-water efficient. The genetic material of local rice variety, Pula Gajah was irradiated with gamma rays irradiation of Co-60 at a dose of 300 Gy. Through the radiation of Pula Gajah seeds with gamma rays at a dose of 300 Gy obtained a short-type mutant strain. Some mutant plants were shorter than the control plant. However, the others mutant longer than the control plant. Rice mutant plant that irradiated with gamma rays radiation at a dose of 300 Gy caused changes to the reproductive component such as the number of panicles and panicles length. Gamma rays irradiation clearly influenced the average weight of panicles per hill in rice mutant. Gamma rays irradiationalso significantly increased the potential yield of rice mutant compared with parent plant. Thus, improvements of agronomic characters are very necessary as early maturity with early harvest time; high yielding varieties of local landraces from improving of lower productive variety. Keywords: plant breeding, mutation, rice, mutant, gamma, drought