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A Hybrid Fuzzy Ahp- Electre Approach To Rank Lean Sixsigma Solutions: Case Experience Of A Manufacturing Organisation

Quick product variations and burden of worldwide rivalry demands to keep up the envisioned product quality at least conceivable expense to hold their current clients and in addition draw in the new ones. This changing industrial scenario engenders a strong need to adopt a hybrid approach that could tackle their application issues. Lean Six Sigma (LSS) has emerged as a prime choice for industries to sustain in global market during the last decade. While, in order to implement LSS effectively it is extremely significant to identify the key LSS barriers as well as solution approaches to tackle them. The present study identifies 14 key LSS barriers and 12 solution approaches through literature review and opinion from industry experts. The present study proposes a hybrid framework of fuzzy AHP-ELECTRE to prioritize LSS barriers and LSS solution approaches. Inclusion of fuzzy sets in the hybrid framework ensures the optimality of results. The developed framework is applied to an Indian manufacturing organization to judge its applicability whereas; sensitivity analysis is applied to check the robustness of the developed framework. The findings of this study will help the industry practitioners to handle the LSS implementation issues and the researchers to explore the new directions in the domain of LSS. Index Terms - ´┐Żlean six sigma, solution approaches, hybrid approach, fuzzy AHP, ELECTRE´┐Ż