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Design And Contact Stress Analysis Of Helical Gear For Light-Weight Car

Gear is the most essential element of power transmission. One of the main gear tooth failure is pitting which is surface fatigue failure due to many repletion of high contact stresses occurring in the gear tooth. The work of this paper is to reduce the contact stress happing often on gear by changing the different values of face width. Contact failure in gears can be predicted by calculating the contact stress with AGMA (American Gear Manufacturing Association) equation and also analyzing with ANSYS. The model of helical gear pairs are generated by using SolidWorks software and ANSYS is used for numerical analysis. Ultimately, the results obtained from ANSYS are presented and compared with theoretical values. In this analysis, the face width 21mm which has 493.27 MPa von-Mises stress is selected because of the weight reduction. Keywords- AGMA, ANSYS, contact stress, face width, helical gear