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Areas In Needs Redevelopment And Rehabilitation To Meet The Social Inhabitant Attractiveness

This paper represents an analytical research of slum areas, they are different in characteristics from one country to another, however, they usually share the lack of health and decontamination services such as clean water, dependable electricity, and other basic services. the paper included chronicle background of its beginning in different parts of the world and studying their basic characteristics. This study is divided into four sections; the first one is an analytical understanding for the Economic and Cultural Reasons causing the formation of Slums. The second section explains some examples of Guidelines for Creating Healthy Residential Environment. The third section represents a case study for slums -Informal housing- in Cairo-Egypt, as its one of the largest slums in the Middle East. The forth section in this paper represents a discussion of how we can upgrade the area and what benefits we can get out of it. Keywords: Slums, Informality, Informal Settlements, The Formation of Slums.