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Analysis Of Water Loss On Settlement Riverbanks Of Karang Mumus Of Samarinda City

Changes in land use, which could lead to further shrinking of water catchment areas and the reduced ability of soil to absorb rainwater. Changes functioning land and rivers of green open space that serves to accommodate the rain water into the region awakened a phenomenon that often occurs in urban areas, including of Samarinda City. Changes in land use in settlements along the river it increases the rate of runoff that occurs. Water losses are generally divided into two categories, among others: (1) loss of physical effects which water loss occurs because of water seepage in drainage and percolation; and (2) Loss due to pelimpasan and excess water disposal in the drainage. The aim of this study was to analyze the amount of water lost in space settlements along the riverbanks ofKarang Mumus of Samarinda City. The study was conducted on space settlements along the riverbanks of Karang Mumus of Samarinda City. Keyword- Lost Water, Settlements, the River Plate.