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Evaluating Salt Concentration And Exiting Sewage Electrical Directing For Application In Green Environment

Sewage origin around large cities are industrial and human-being water in industrial regions Industrial sewage divided to refinery industries, petrochemical industries ,food industries, chemical industries, metal industries. Also sewage of other agricultural and activities such as veterinary and slaughter house have high pollution, that should manage properly .Extraction of urban sewage drainage is rich of food elements. That is useful for alkaline soil. Treatment level selection suggested for use of sewage quality correction. In this level we present different levels for use of sewage in agriculture. These levels are first treatment that includes physical treatment, second fast treatment such as active sledge, dropper filter and airing lagan. Slow treatment instead of fast treatment suggested base on situation for earth treatment that is for desert earths. In certain situation we can present higher level of treatment such as reverse osmosis. That is naturally with higher cost and technology. We should present Exploitation method base on treatment sewage quality. Exploitation method include kinds of vegetation ,its frequency ,hydraulic load level in surface with respect unit with respect to organic load in sewage ,cleaning level with respect to mineral level and special ions and fresh water. For compensate dropping oil product quality. Keywords: Environment, Petrochemical, Sewage, Oil Product Quality.