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A Dialect Survey Of Bijapur District

Language is the greatest gift granted to the human beings. Language would expresses through vocal sounds. As per oxford English dictionary says that language as words and the methods of combing them for the expression of thought. According to sclar �Expression of opinion by any animal which has soul or mind is language�. Bijapur dialect is unique due to the external influence of money languages. Difference can be seen even today due to administration and business so in this study us deeply analysis the language is constructed. *Dialect meaning and nature *Geography dialects * Social dialects Even though wide research has been done on kannada Literature in poetry, Drama, Novels, Stories but research on different language dialects can be counted on fingers, so the study an Bijapur district dialects is very opparopriete. Bijapur district can be considered as birth place of many different socially and observing people�s behavior. Detained information about language dialects is given in this article. Keywords: language, Kannada literature, Drama, dialects