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Introducing Agile Project Management Framework To Software Development - Take Website Development As An Example

Agile has sprung up in the 21st century has become a major trend in software development of worldwide. The traditional rigid waterfall development model of thinking has led a long development period, in the absence of user participation under the premise often fail, more cannot in a response to the rapidly changing needs of Internet. Teams need to be more effective in using the limited resources and time to create the most valuable software for their customers and meet user�s needs. In this study, we take website development as an example to explore the "Agile Project Management Framework, APMF" which proposed by Dr. Shou Yiing Hsu can solve the problems of the traditional waterfall development model at a steady pace. The results that using the agile implementation can solve the lack of customer participation, unclear requirements, miscommunication, needs alteration, and even early completion of launch schedule. Customers and teams can quickly get the benefits and value in this research foundation. Index terms- Agile, Agile Project Management Framework, Website development