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Replacement Of Seawater With Crude Salt For Giant Freshwater Prawn Larvae Rearing With Reference To Trace Metal Impact

A study was conducted to observe the replacement of seawater with crude salt and effects of trace metal of larvae rearing media for production of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii post larvae during 5, March to 15, April 2015 at Kuakata prawn hatchery of Bangladesh. Sea water, brine solution and crude salt were used as larvae culture media. Seven treatments were used in rearing M. rosenbergii post larvae. In treatment-I, 100% sea water; treatment-II, 100% brine in treatment-III, 100% crude salt; in treatment- IV, 80% sea water and 20% crude salt; in treatment- V, 70% sea water and 30% crude salt; in treatment- VI, 60% sea water and 40% crude; in treatment- VII, 50% sea water and 50% crude salt were used as larvae culture media. Each treatment had three replications and assigned into a completely randomized design. Total 21 tanks of 3000 liter capacity were used for this experiment.