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The Municipal Lakes And Cleaning System To Protect Environment And Human Life

The paper is about the actual ecologic situation of municipal lakes in the city Chisinau (Lake form: park �Valea Trandafirilor�, park �Riscani�, Lake �La Izvor� and Lake �Gidighici� was determined the eutrophication level of these lakes and were offered several methods of solving the problem of the municipal Lakes. On the bases of the obtained results it can be affirmed that Chisinau�s lakes represents aquatic basins with high eutrophication level. Probably the Ghidighici Lake has higher self-evaporation capacity and it�s water is cleaner than others urban studied lakes. The reducing of phosphor and nitrogen contribution from waste waters is the base factor to combat eutrophication of Chisinau lakes. Keywords� Lake, aquatic basins and evaporation