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Piano: Important Instrument in Teaching and Learning in Rajabhat Universities In Bangkok

The purposes of this research were to study content and subject piano in curriculum of Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok and study the role of piano for teaching in Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok. This research is qualitative research, collecting data by in-depth interview in 4 Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok. Data analysis is based on analyzing qualitative data by synthesizing Rajabhat curriculums, standard specification in music and by summarizing in the interview. The results of this research is the curriculum of 4 Rajabhat universities in Bangkok that use the piano in class can separate in 2 groups that is theory skill and music skill. Theory skill group have 5 subjects that are Western Music Theory, Ear Training, Counterpoint, Harmonization and Composition. Music skill group have 2 subjects that are Piano Skill and Basic Piano Skill. Index Terms- Piano, Rajabhat Universities, teaching, learning