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Teaching and Learning Violin in Rajabhat Universities

This research is qualitative research, collecting data by in-depth interview in 4 Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok about violin skills for music students of bachelor�s degree to improve violin teaching match the Standards of Thai Qualifications Framework for Higher Education which have an effect on Teaching of Music in Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok. Data Analysis is based on analyzing qualitative data by synthesizing Rajabhat music curriculums, standard specification in music and by summarizing the interview. The research results found that violin skill match for music students in bachelor degree used standard examination of Trinity College London (U.K. music institute) grade 5-6 and Suzuki (Japan music institute) Book 4 both. Technic : scales separate bows or slurred two crotchet , beats to a bow , arpeggios , separate bows or slurred three notes to a bow , arpeggios separate bows or slurred six notes to a bow. The important properties of violin student was good ear training (music term shown who has known the name in each note when listened particular the note from Piano) Index Terms - Violin, Rajabhat universities, Teaching, Learning