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Teharosu: Robotics For Surgical Operations Between Locations

TEHAROSU is one of the robotics technology to perform surgical operations in the future. The development of robotics technology can now be used to perform a surgical operation remotely, so the surgeon can perform the operation even if they're in a different area. This remote surgery using robotic hand as the executor of the operation is controlled by a controller in the form of gloves as well as a motion sensor using the sensor mind. This remote control robot using the Internet network, so that it can cover a wide area. The entire hospital will be fitted with a robotic hand that is used to perform surgical operations along with other surgical operations equipment. Then for the robotic hand controller provided in some hospitals have surgeons. Later in need with high-speed internet network which is widespread in use for a link between a controller with a robotic hand. With this technology can realize medical treatment between locations so that a surgeon can perform surgery remotely even can also use surgeons from abroad. In addition to this technology can save travel time to refer patients from one hospital to another hospital. Keyword - Surgical Operations, Robotic, Long Distance