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Evaluating The Effectiveness of Learning Management Systems in Engaging High School Users: A Qatar-Based Study

The learning process has been penetrated by technology in so many levels. Almost every educational institution had been implementing some form of educational technology to assess the students� learning process. This paper assesses the usage of LMS implemented in schools in Qatar as a step to materialize the goal of making Qatar a knowledge- based economy. It examines the effectiveness of learning management systems (LMS) in engaging high school students in their learning process through analyzing how students use it, and how students communicate during group work sessions. Furthermore, the paper also investigates the relationship between the teacher�s engagement degree and consecutively the students� interest in using LMS as a collaboration tool. Recommendations were derived from the results for schools and E-learning providers to work on enhancing user-engagement effectiveness in LMSs. Index Terms - Collaboration, e-learning, Learning Management System, School Students, User Engagement