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Removal of Phenol By Adsorption

Adsorption is an effective method for the treatment of phenol. In this work, phenol was removed from the wastewater by adsorption process using activated carbon generated from the dates� stone. Effects of operating parameters like initial pH(3 and 9), temperature (20oC and 50oC), adsorbent dosage (0.1g and 0.2g) and agitation time (1h and 2h) were investigated. The initial phenol concentration of 30 mg/L was reduced to the 0.3 mg/L corresponding to the removal efficiency of 99% at pH 3, 50oC with 0.2g activated carbon. Considering the results, it can be said that adsorption of phenol from wastewater using activated carbon generated from dates� stone can be used as an effective treatment method. Index Terms- Activated carbon, Adsorption, Phenol, Wastewater