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The Perceptions And Effects Of Country Of Origin Image On Asians Metrosexual For Cosmetics Products

This investigation examines how country of origin effect metrosexual�s purchasing behavior in cosmetic through an amalgamation of Psychology and Marketing examination of qualitative interviews. I discover how important of the adherence to country image related to sales strategy which advertised by cosmetic manufacturers. France, Japan and Korea were found to be totally different with product positioning and perception in all dimensions. Drastic differences impulses were affected in the purchasing frequency as well such as price, promotion, brand ambassador, quality and so on. Cosmetic is framed to be common women items with bold cultural thought; yet the World changed. This study will research the means in which men engage with cosmetic in every possible ways. The notion of disagreement between self-identity and social expectation were explained, including the way they adjust themselves to reach the social expectation. Assuredly, Asia is the biggest market not only cosmetic, but also clothes, food, mobile, car and so forth. Therefore, the insights of consumers are strongly significant. As a result, this paper advantage the investors who want to approach Asians, and consumers who want to see through tricks of marketers. Keywords- Country images, Metrosexual, Cosmetic, Consumer Behavior