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Evaluation of Antiangiogenic Property and Toxicity of Ficus Septica Burm F. Stem Extracts

The CAM assay administers a suitable model to test the effects of angiogenic or anti-angiogenic agents coming from an organic sample. However, the quantification of the effects is not easy for all. Counting large vessels method is based on optical and visual examination, even manual vessel counts or distribution of vascular network, global measurements of the spatial pattern, is usually used. It was supported by the statistical analysis that there was a substantial difference on the antiangiogenic effect of Ficus septica Burm f. methanolic stem extract using Chorioallantoic membrane assay on the vascularization of the embryos. It also showed that the greater the dosage, the lesser the branched points observed. Thus, these findings of the study indicated that Ficus septica Burm f. stem extract might have a very promising antiangiogenic potential. Evidence of liver damage usually manifests as a result of vacuolations and cellular infiltration with haemorrhage, congestion, and necrosis and apoptosis of the hepatocytes. Though histopathological lesions of the liver were observed in both ducks treated with Ficus septica Burm. f. stem extracts and water (negative control), those in the negative control groups were to a lesser extent. However, the degree of severity, but not the type of the observed lesions, in the treated duck was concentration-dependent. There was moderate damage to the duck embryo livers treated with 2 mg/mL of Ficus septica Burm. f. stem extracts. The liver treated with 6 mg/mL of Ficus septica Burm. f. stem extracts has disintegration of the interlobular septum with the aliquots on the interlobular septum because of the concentrated treatment The LC50 of the Ficus septica Burm f. stem extract that was taken by probit log analysis is 14.995ppm. As the Clarkson´┐Żs toxicity criterion for the lethality, the the Ficus septica Burm f. stem extract are highly toxic. Index Terms- angiogenesi, Brine shrimp, Chorioallantoic membrane assay, Ficus septic Burm f, .