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The Use of Biogas as A Renewable Energy Case Study: Swine Small

This article is intended to 1) the benefits of using biogas as a renewable energy and 2) to study the problem and. Barriers of biogas as an alternative energy source in small farms. Using Qualitative Research (Qualitative Research) in-depth interviews (In depth interview) by a study from research related to public policy aspects of biogas, both at home and abroad. Other research About biogas Websites and information about the public policy aspects of renewable energy in Thailand. The check-depth interviews among households with small farms. The results showed that the imports in biogas as a renewable energy base. 1. Government support for farm produce renewable fuel and the cost can be developed into a major power in the future. 2. The economy of the biogas potential, because high heat can produce renewable energy seriously worthwhile economically, thus enabling farmers to build to the future income from the investment to sell electric power and do not require. investments with the sewage system. 3. In the social production of biogas as a way to reduce water waste. Bring something useful waste Reduce global warming, reduce the impact of pollution on the community to solve environmental problems, reduce sewage discharge into the river reduced public stench of the sludge after treatment. Provides nutrients for the plants as well. 4. The production technology is very important because the use of technology for wastewater treatment. And gas production has increased the efficiency of wastewater treatment and biogas utilization. And must have a low cost. Require little maintenance Index Terms´┐Ż biogas, renewable energy, small-scale pig farms.