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The Polices of Town Municipality to Establish A Human Capital Elderly in Community Town Municipality, Nakhonsawan Province.

This research aimed 1) To study the factors leading to the success of development of the elderly to establish a human capital in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan 2) To study the elderly policies and the roles associated with the elderly policies in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan The study population of the elderly from 10 communities in the municipality .Data collection carried out by the researcher, then verified and analyzed them all. Quantitative data was analyzed by statistical methods with quantitative description such as frequency distribution and percentage. For qualitative data analyzing, the researcher interviewed by using context analysis, and integrated it into the frequency distribution and percentage of grouping messages or repeat issues then synthesized issues based on the research objectives. The study found that: 1. The factors leading to the success of development of the human capital elderly in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan was to be human capital, the elderly must be ready for 3 aspects which are 1) The identity of the elderly including effort to work with attention, like and love what they are doing, talent, seek more knowledge consistently, be creative and be able to pass on their knowledge to others 2) Pay attention to the elderly and their capability and encourage the elderly to participate activities that develop their own, and 3) Must be volunteer to help community development. 2. The elderly policies and the roles associated with the elderly policies in Chum Saeng, Nakhon Sawan consists of 3 aspects which are; 1) Education: 1. Encourage the elderly to learn interesting knowledge such as google, facebook and youtube in order to search interesting matters on their own 2. Provide additional educational facilities such as glasses, tuition fee, lunch, including the necessary equipment for each activity 3. Schedule training regularly and continuously 4. Encourage for language training. 2) Career: 1. Municipality organizes career to suit the elderly 2. Organize a fund which supports the elderly to work in community 3. Government and community support the elderly�s products. 3) Social and Welfare: 1. Municipality will organize the elderly to participate more leaning activities in addition to viewing the annual event 2. Establish the association to develop the exchange of learning in the community regularly and continuously 3. Arrange transfer service facilities provided to the elderly 4. Creating better understanding with the elderly�s children about activities that the municipality provides to the elderly. In addition to the main roles associated with the elderly policies like municipality and the welfare office, there are also Office of the Non-Formal and Informal Education and Thai Women Empowerment Funds that important to develop the elderly. Index Terms- elderly, human capital, community development.