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An Analysis of The Location of Plastic Industry in Thailand

The purposes of this research are to analyze locational patterns of the plastic industry in Thailand, and to examine the factors influencing its location. The data used in the analysis were the secondary data recorded in 2015. The techniques and methods for the analysis were the cartographic method, the correlation analysis, and the multiple regression analysis. The results of this research are as follows: With regard to the locational pattern of plastic industry in Thailand by geographical region, it is found that Samut Prakan has the greatest number of plastic bead industrial sites in Thailand, used 54.12 billion Bahts investment or 52.59% of total investment in this industry. Followed by Rayong with 25.33 billion Bahts or %24.62 of total investment. Third is Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya with 7.45 billion Bahts or 7.25% of total investment. Forth is Chon Buri with 3.07 billion Bahts or 2.99% of total investment. Fifth is Pathum Thani with 2.35 billion Bahts or 2.29% of total investment. For the least number of industrial sites in Thailand is Si Sa Ket, used 9 billion Bahts or 0.09% of total investment in plastic bead manufacturing industry. The results of analyzing the factors influencing the location of plastic industry in Thailand, it is found that the location of plastic industry was significantly (α=0.05) correlated the most with the market factor(r=0.655), followed by the capital factor(r=0.314), the transport factor(r=0.058), the material factor (r=0.036), and the labor factor (r=0.002) respectively. For the multiple regression analysis it was found that the market factor was the single most important factor influencing the location of the plastic industry in Thailand. However, the market factor was only the factor which explained the variation of the location of plastic industry by 65.50%. The multiple regression model was Y ̂=361.797+0.316market Keywords- locational pattern, the factors influencing the location, the plastic industry in Thailand