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The Study of Thai Tourist Guide� Attitude Towards The Guidelines to Develop Personality for Thai Identity in Tourism Industry

The research aims to study of Thai Tourist guides� attitude towards the guidelines to develop their personality for Thai identity in tourism industry. The main objective is to find Thai tourist guides and the stakeholders� ideas concerning how to create Thai identity. The population and samples used in this study come form 5 dealing work units consisting of 3 persons from the Association of Professional Tourist Guides, 2 from the Department of Tourism, 15 from the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple, 5 expert and senior guides and 79 general guides to make the number 104 persons in all. The researcher uses the interview from to collect data and analizes the data by using the frequency and percentage. The Result of Research There are 104 persons who deal with tourism industry careers answer the interview form. 1. Most of the samples are women, 55 from 104 persons : 52.88 percent, 64 are single : 61.53 percent, 48 have monthly income 15,000-20,000 bath : 46.15 percent, and 72 are career guides : 69.23 percent. 2. Most of the samples agree with wearing guide uniforms when conducting tours. 3. Besides wearing uniforms, Thai tourist guides can express the Thai culture through different ways. Most samples think to promote it by Thai greeting. Suggest tourists how to way and how to practice as Thai ways in daily life including Thai etiquette. Give tourists Thai smile and sincere services. Keywords- Attitude, Personality, Thai Identity, Tour guides