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Building Trust And Globally Promoting Bangkhonthi Indigenous Knowledge Using Information Technology And Advanced Media

At present, information technology and new media plays a significant role in communication and information exchange. The data regarding global promotion of Bang Khonthi, SamutSongkhram indigenous knowledge were not stored disorderedly. Hence, this research was aimed to utilize database system and online social media to promote the local tourism. Such tools allowed people living in the community to proliferate their local identity and their community way of living as well as exchange learning and communicate through the Internet network. The researcher conducted a field research to collect the data relating to the tourism promotion of the Bang Khonthi indigenous knowledge mainly from the local enterprises, and the local people working in the area. The obtained result was published and analyzed. It was found that the researched groups were decidedly satisfied in using the provided system(X ̅=4.32, S.D.= .511).This stipulated that this research could be aptly used as information technology and advanced media tool to promote tourism for the Bang Khonthi, SamutSongkhram local wisdom. Keywords: Information technology, Advanced media, Indigenous knowledge