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Development Competency-Based Training Course In Paper Packaging Design For Designer In Bangkok, Thailand

This research was aimed for 1) to find out the qualityCompetency-based Training Course in Paper Packaging Design for Designer. 2) to establish the efficiency of the training curriculum for Paper Packaging Design for Designer. 3) to evaluate the trainees´┐Ż satisfaction on the training received.The sampling group for this research were included 20 designer in Bangkok, Thailand who worked for printing industry organizations, it was found that 1) The results indicate that the quality of professional courses (the objective of the course, the teaching and learning, and assessment) the average was 4.56 in all 3 shows that the development of competency-based training course for designer is very good. 2) The efficiency of training curriculum is 89.9/87.3% which met the standard level that was 80/80%. 3) The obtained satisfaction from the sampling group to the training was on average of 4.20 which indicated the highest satisfaction level Keywords: Competency, Paper Packaging, Designer