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Problems Within Printing Business Operations In Thailand

The study was aimed to comprehend the problems within the printing business operations in Thailand from various aspects including personnel problems, marketing side, monetary perspective, and manufacturing outlook. The research population embraced entrepreneurs who ran printing factories in Sinsakorn Industrial Park. Check-list questionnaires with rating scales was employed and the obtained results were analyzed through percentage, mean, and standard deviation (SD). The finding showed that most issue stemmed from personnel problem. The most severe problem was the lack of knowledge and capability among staff, the mean showed 4.83. In terms of marketing aspect, market competitiveness was the most intimidating factor, the mean was at 4.69. With regard to monetary point of view, the cash flowlimitation within the factory was somewhat moderate, the mean was at 3.48. Similarly, manufacturing problem was viewed as a moderate problem concerning the lack of state-of-the-art tools and equipment, the mean was at 3.40. Keywords - problem, business, printing business operations.