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Development Of Printing Ink Made From Corn Flour And Coffee Powder For Screen Printed On Paper

The research on the development of the printing ink made from corn flour and coffee powder for screen printed on paper was an experimental research. The objectives of this research were intended to produce printing ink made from corn flour and coffee powder as well as to test the property of the ink by examining appropriate amount of the corn flour and the coffee powder. The research conducted an analysis to locate a suitable ratio of corn flour per water to make screen printing ink. The practical ratio was 1.5:10 (corn flour: water). Under this ingredient ratio, the ink was fluid, but tacky enough to be screened to generate sharp images. The edge of the images was clear, the ink surface was relatively smooth. The researcher picked a practical ratio of corn flour per coffee powder per water to produce water-based printing ink that was 2.5:1.5:10 (coffee powder: corn flour: water). The researcher tested the printed work to examine its adhesion based on the ASTM D3359-90 standard practices using sticky transparent tape number 600. The test result illustrated that there was no residue of the ink falling off from the printed paper to the tape. This showed that the ink owned exceptional adhesion property. The researcher conducted a rub resistance test following the ASTM D5264-98 standard by rubbing the ink surface for 50 times, 100 times, and 150 times respectively. The result indicated that there was no remainder of the ink falling off regardless of various rubbing frequencies. This proved that the ink was well resistant to rubbings. The researcher tested the discoloration by exploiting a Color Spectrophotometer for 30 days in a row. It was discovered that the delta-E value was varied for less than 1.0 which meant that the color change was not visible to naked eyes. Keywords - Screen Printing Ink, Screen Printing Ink From Nature.