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Design Guidelines For Mascot Of Northeast Of Thailand

The mascots design in Thailand is still very popular. Because also highlighted the importance and need for support to be used to promote products and tourism to attract consumers. I am therefore, interested in finding ways to design guideline for mascots to promote local products and tourism of Thailand.The collection of data from communities with different needs questionnaire about mascot design, that will be represented in delivering products and tourism. The results of the data analysis, the design of the target can be used to design the look to build on common interests most is the look of the animal. The story of mascot design from character that makes the hearts and attract the most adventurous companion, who is not a lonely and harmony among friends. The personality traits of character that can create a clear identity. Including pulling the identity of the character fun and outstanding. and when the community or local people are often bound up with food, this is the culture in the northeast of Thailand. As well as the fun of traditional Thailand that can communicate out to the mascot looks bright, naturally and cheerful. Can be used to heat the air natural and spicy test of food presented mascot for Thailand. Which is known both at home and abroad.Design guideline for this mascots, it can be fun, creative style guidelines and information from the survey needs in that area in Thailand. The mascots with different characteristics in each district, help to further promote their products and travel more. Promoting economic and social strength. Keywords- Mascot, Character, Attract, Promote, Information, Local Product.