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Quality Control and Quality Assurance Effect in The Manufacturing Industries on The Environmental Development

Quality control and quality assurance have been proposed to improve environmental development and has received substantial attention in recent research. This study empirically examines the extent to which QMs and environmental development are correlated and how QMs impacts on environmental development. A QMs framework is developed according to a comprehensive literature review that represents a relationship between QMs and environmental development by examining the effects of the six QMs constructs on environmental development as a descriptive research. A sample size of twenty (20) was selected from the population with non-random judgmental sampling technique using a structured questionnaire to gather information required and a simple percentage was employed in describing the date collated. The data analysis in relation to the hypothesis to be tested was carried out using the chi-square test of independence at 5% significance level. X2 = ∑[(O - E)2]2 E The results of this study supported a model proposed. Keywords - Quality management system (QMs), quality control and quality assurance, manufacturing industries, environmental development.