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An Assessment of Lead Contamination on Ground Water and Soil Quality in The Vicinity of Industrial Area of Barnala City (Punjab, India)

In the present research paper, heavy metal contamination of ground water and Soil samples were determined, those values were higher than permissible limits. Samples of soil and water were collected from four villages (Rure ke Kalan, Gunas, Cheema and Handiaya) which are situated near the Textile industries in Barnala district (Punjab,India).The purpose of this study was to investigate the regional Lead (Pb) concentration levels in Groundwater and soil samples across the barnala region and reveal the transfer characteristics of Lead (Pb) from industrial effluents to ground water, from ground water to agricultural soil and vice-versa.Samples of ground water and agricultural soil were analyzed for Lead using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry .Transfer factors for Lead from industrial effluent to ground water were observed to be 0.4261, 0.5903, 0.7692 and 0.4926 for four different villages.The industrial effluents can cause an environmental threat to ground water resources and agricultural soil which finally leads to harmful effects on human health through drinking and by ingestion of crops. Keywords: Agricuture soil, Ground water, Industrial effluent, Lead, Transfer factor