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Smartphone Applications In Learning Mandarin

This paper investigates the students´┐Ż opinions towards the issue of smartphone applications in learning Mandarin and the influences on their achievements. This preliminary study utilized a quantitative research method. A survey is conducted to gather data through an adapted questionnaire whereby 75 undergraduates who are undertaking Mandarin language course students are selected using comprehensive sampling technique. In this study, the usages of smartphone applications and the students´┐Ż achievement were carefully explored. It is discovered that the respondents enjoyed learning Mandarin using Dictionary Based (DBA) and Teaching and Learning Applications (TLA), and they found it is easy to use them. This investigation also shows that students have a generally favourable attitude towards the usability, effectiveness, and satisfaction of smartphone for MALL. However, their final results did not direct to positive improvement. Keywords: Mobile-Assisted Language Learning, Smartphone Applications, Mandarin