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Influencing Factors to Increase Netizen Intention Toward Online Display Advertising from Indonesia E-Commerce Company

Online display advertising is a billion dollar business however there have been several problems in recent years. Not only had low CTR, online display advertising is considered as an annoying advertising media and some people try to avoid it. This phenomena known as ads avoidance and the most radical ways is by using ads blocking application in browser. Ads blocking phenomena may causing great loss for ads publisher or company who run business on publishing ads. The aim for the research is to find and explore potential factors to increase audience intention to engage online display advertising that been published by Indonesian e-commerce site. In this research, researcher using 27 attributes that been significantly tested by previous research in general online advertising to be test in specific area of online display advertising. The attributes are product type, product brand name, product feature, product appearance, product quality, product image, price, e-commerce website brand, e-commerce website identity, e-commerce website reputation, discount, shopping bonus, product guarantee, shopping gift, special promo, advertisers website, ads layout, ads size, ads duration, ads format, graphic design, product visualization, sound, animation, text, information and entertainment. The aim of this research was achieved by quantitative research using exploratory factor analysis and descriptive analysis. Sample of this study involving 400 respondent across big cities in Indonesia, and from 500 questionnaires sent out, 477 were return and able to be analyze. Factor analysis extracted six factors, i.e. product relevance, promotion, creative content, media placement, corporate image, and public impression. The result of descriptive analysis confirm every attributes have a moderate (> 58%) to very high level of impact (> 84%) to affect audience intention toward online display advertising. The paper has found 6 potential factor to increase audience intention toward online display advertising. Researcher also proposed a new model to be tested in further research in order to find significant level of each factor to increase online display advertising engagement. For e-commerce business player, this paper may useful to create better online advertising strategy to improve ads performance and create better conversion from awareness to site visit through online display advertising. Keywords - Advertising, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Online Display Advertising Factors, Online Display Advertising, Factor Analysis, E-commerce, Indonesia.