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The Influence of Age in Indirectness of Women Speech

It is a general observable phenomenon that the speaker communicates with the listener more than what s/he is saying which is indispensable in human language to have certain motives. Speakers usually don�t always say exactly what they mean. Indirectness is the vital part of human language irrespective of gender either they are males or females they use indirectness in their conversation. It is now widely accepted mostly women prefer to hint at their meanings rather than stating them directly. American women use more indirectness, and are therefore sensitive to its use by others (Tannen, 1994). It may be further said that whether women living in west or east more or less their nature is same. This observation has been tested through the quantitative method by applying a Scale i.e. Discourse Completion Test by Blum-Kulka and Olhstein. Indirectness plays a vital role in indirectness of speech of Pakistani women as well, in which different factors are involved e.g. age, qualification, profession and social status as well. The focus of this research was to examine how much role is played by age in indirectness of women�s speech. The results show that age plays definitely a vital role in indirectness of women�s speech and when they get authority they start using direct language. Keywords- Indirectness, mititgators, inessential qualifiers, mood derivable, performatives, strong hints, mild hints